Saturday, August 8, 2015

....OMG! gotta catch up a whole goes.

University Of Washington Unofficial Visit

Mackendra in here second year of x-country race season...she was undefeated....again!

Christmas at home

Kansas University unofficial visit.

2015 AAA Provincials

2015 AAA Provincial Champions...again.  Aislinn was MVP and Defensive Player!!!

Mackendra playing for Northside Swarm.  And killin' it!

Atlanta, GA.  Adidas Nationals with BC Elite.

Aislinn at the 3 Stripe Adidas All-American Camp for the second year.

Cool site in the sky.

Aislinn on her Official visit to NC State.

BC Elite at UCLA.  Our team experience is the best.  How lucky are these kids?

Some of our U15 players for BC Elite.

More memories from an awesome official visit to NC State.

A sign!

Mackendra and her Northside Swarm team.  She was awesome!

Aislinn commits to NC State and become one of the Wolfpack!

Awesome pic of Mackendra.

BC Elite in Yakima.

Intensity Camps.

Aislinn travelling for basketball.

Hanging with the one and only Tara Vanderveer at Official visit to Stanford.

And meeting the amazing Johnny Dawkins.

BC Elite at UCLA

BC Elite in Yakima

Will become a familiar sight in the future!

Northside Swarm had an amazing year with an amazing finish!

BC Elite at USF after getting the twins scholarships with the team!!!  BC Elite is awesome.

BC Elite at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Spending some time with Pau pau and Auntie Ceci at our favourite restaurant in the whole world.

Aislinn and Michael for Michael's grad.  Looking beautiful. 

BC Elite visited yet another university...and found a way into the SMU practice gym.

Mackendra taking on the WWU players during her camp.  Pretty cool.

BC Elite U15 girls.

Aislinn meeting some future NC State teammates.  So cool.

Adidas Uprising!  Atlanta, GA.

Its nice to be rewarded for your hard work.  Nice gear package.

Mack and Mom go to the movies.

BC Elite at the Dallas Art Museum.

Aislinn and friends at the 3 Stripe Adidas All-American camp.

So that's a few of our moments from 2015.  I have so many more...but this will do for now.